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Lumineers are thinner than porcelain veneers — roughly as thick as a contact lens. Lumineers, a brand of veneers, differ from porcelain veneers in that the application does not require your teeth to be shaved down. The original tooth structure needn’t be shaped for placement and, if desired, veneers can be removed. You get to keep the strong barrier of enamel protecting your teeth.

Dentkraft Luminers are veneers made by Dentkraft with an idea that teeth have no preparation or only minimal preparation and the veneers are simply bonded to the existing teeth. The No-Prep Veneers are going to be extremely thin compared to traditional Veneers. With Dentkraft Lumineers, sensitive removal of the tooth structure can be avoided for certain non-invasive smile enhancement treatment plan.

Dentkraft Luminers are very durable and can last for upto 21 years or even more. The durability will mainly depend on the bite and whether the patient has any habits such as clenching and grinding. In such cases simple soft splint may be worn during the night to protect the fine-looking Luminers.

Dentkraft Lumineers glass-ceramic contains fluorapatite crystals which scatters entire spectrum of day light. As a result, Dentkraft Luminers offer optimal design options to create a Veneer that demonstrates vibrant, natural looking aesthetic properties.

The range of their indication could be:

1. Diastema (gap between adjacent teeth) closure

2. Recover broken or chipped portion of the tooth

3. Shape corrections

4. Brightening existing tooth colour (limited)



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